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Starfield’s chief quest designer admitted that he didn’t have time to make the game’s ending

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Starfield did not quite manage to live up to the hype and dreams of players that many had before the release. Despite all the years of development, the game still came out unfinished, as the game’s authors themselves admitted.


Starfield’s lead quest designer Will Shen, who left Bethesda after the game’s release, spoke about how the team was in a hurry to complete the final task. When it came to its implementation, the game was just being put together – and then the developers realized that to complete the story it was necessary to create a completely new large location full of action. There was no time for this anymore, so we had to improvise – in the final version the player simply moves through the old locations during the decisive battle.

Shen cited the size of the development team and communication between departments as the main reason for this miscalculation. Over 500 people worked on Starfield: different teams had to fight among themselves for resources, and any minor change had to be approved by management. If this is all true, then it is not surprising that the space RPG was met with “mixed” reviews by players, and Bethesda itself has to release major patches with fixes.

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