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The DIGMA brand summed up its 20th anniversary and announced new products

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The DIGMA brand celebrated its 20th anniversary with great solemnity. During this event, which was attended by the editors of w3bsit3-dns.com, company employees reviewed the extensive transformation journey that began several years ago. Market indicators were announced, and the company’s latest innovations were unveiled.

“DIGMA is one of the largest and most established brands in the Private Labels portfolio of Merlion, boasting a rich twenty-year history. Over this time, the market has undergone significant changes, and consumers themselves have matured – and we have demonstrated our ability to adapt to the evolving times. We view this celebration not merely as an ordinary anniversary, but as a milestone in our global transformation journey. We have set ourselves ambitious goals, some of which were announced today, but these are just a fraction of our ambitious plans. The coming years will be a period of further growth and innovation for both DIGMA and DIGMA PRO,” said Kirill Kosciuszko, the Brand Director of Private Labels at Merlion.

The brand’s large-scale reboot began in 2020. Over this period, the company substantially expanded its product and engineering teams, established streamlined production processes, and reevaluated the criteria for selecting technologies to create new devices. As a result, there has been a 70% global revision of the product matrix over the past 3 years, and the defect rate has been reduced to 1%.

With the start of the transformation, the brand focused on developing the market for laptops, monitors, and SSD drives, leading to a threefold increase in the brand’s turnover. DIGMA laptops performed admirably, with sales increasing by 50% in 2023, reaching 100,000 units per year. Product releases are planned for 2024 across 40 categories, ranging from smart home devices to TVs.

During the event, new products from DIGMA and the premium sub-brand DIGMA PRO were unveiled. This included the launch of a new product category and the first series of 4K TVs, comprising UHD and QLED+ models with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. These new TVs utilize Google TV as the operating system.

The lineup of professional laptops will be expanded with new models including Parvus M, Pactos, and Fortis, available with both Intel and AMD processors. DIGMA PRO mini-computers are also set for release, including the Minimax X1 and MiniMax H1 models. Additionally, new monitors such as DIGMA Action, DIGMA Optimum, and DIGMA PRO Vision were announced.

Furthermore, DIGMA continues to rank among the top 10 most popular automotive electronics brands.





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