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Felo M1 folding motorcycle can serve as a charging station

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Chinese startup Felo presented the M1, a folding motorcycle, at the 45th International Motor Show in Bangkok, mimicking the capabilities of the old Honda Motocompo two-stroke moped – but without the smell of gasoline and oil. The development is equipped with a capacious battery and a built-in socket, allowing the vehicle to also function as a portable charging station.

Fur M1

The Felo M1 can accelerate to a speed of 45 km/h. Its 700 W battery provides a range of up to 80 kilometers. However, the main advantage of the vehicle lies in its form factor. Essentially, it is a folding electric scooter that doubles as a portable battery.

Given its compact size and relatively low speed, the Felo M1 can be considered an electric bicycle analog for short trips around the city.

Its small dimensions enable owners to store the Felo M1 inside an apartment or house rather than in a garage or outdoors. The Felo M1 is priced at approximately $1,600.

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