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Your own massage therapist: gift ideas from SecretDate for him and her

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Massage is not only a useful procedure, but also a pleasant gift. To make or receive it, it is not necessary to visit a specialist. Modern electric massagers can handle this job at home. We have collected the most interesting offers.

Percussion body massager SD-MSG1 SECRETDATE – professional approach

Contrary to stereotypes, massage is needed not only by professional athletes and beauty salon regulars. It will help out in various situations – from a “gamer” neck spasm to a sprain received during the summer season. In addition, it is a good prevention of various health problems.


There are various types of devices for working out certain muscle groups from the back to the area around the eyes. The percussion massager SecretDate FOR BODY SD-MSG1 is a gun-shaped device with a movable nozzle. By rhythmically tapping a selected area of ​​the body, it helps to recover from injuries and sprains without the help of a massage therapist. It is often used by gym regulars after heavy exercise and simply by healthy lifestyle enthusiasts.

The device is also suitable for those who are far from physical activity. You can “catch” a spasm during prolonged sedentary work, sudden exertion after inactivity, or even from stress. And the expression “cramped leg” is familiar to many first-hand: sometimes it’s enough to just stand in place for a long time. So the massager will become a universal gift, regardless of the recipient’s profession.

The SecretDate FOR BODY SD-MSG1 percussion massager is equipped with six interchangeable attachments for different types of massage. The most versatile is the round one – this ball is well suited for working out large muscle groups when you need to relieve tension throughout the body. For example, after an intense workout or prolonged sedentary work.


The cone-shaped one is suitable for targeted intensive treatment, and the fork-shaped Y-nozzle is suitable for working with the area near the neck, along the spine, as well as with the calf and deltoid muscles. The flat one is used for large muscle groups on the legs, back and chest, the round one is used for the arms and hips, and the “hook” is used for foot massage.

Eliminating pinching and spasms, you can adjust the intensity and frequency of blows of the nozzle using the buttons on the body. The built-in LCD display will immediately show which mode you have chosen, so you don’t have to “twist” the settings manually every time.

SecretDate FOR BODY SD-MSG1 runs on a built-in battery. It’s easy to take with you on a trip, and most importantly, you don’t have to constantly brush away the wire during a massage. It is also convenient to store the device: its small case also has slots for attachments, so they will always be at hand.


You can purchase the SecretDate FOR BODY SD-MSG1 percussion massager on the MVIDEO trading platform for 4,600 rubles.

Massager for the neck-collar area FOR NECK SD-MSN1 SECRETDATE – a friend of the IT specialist and gamer

What do a programmer, a film fan and an eSports player have in common? They all spend a lot of time watching TV or watching a monitor. The neck, as you know, will not thank you for such an attitude. In such a situation, a course of professional massage – or its home equivalent – will help out.

The FOR NECK SD-MSN1 SECRETDATE cervical-collar area massager is designed to relieve tension in the cervical-collar area, which suffers from a sedentary lifestyle. It will be a good gift for a streamer, an IT specialist, or a representative of any profession that involves sitting at a computer for a long time.


The device is made in an ergonomically shaped body, due to which it evenly covers problem areas of the neck. Inside there are eight massage heads that thoroughly knead the neck, and heating elements help further improve blood circulation and relax tired muscles. You can change the operating mode or vibration intensity using the buttons on the device body.

The kit also includes removable silicone straps. They make it convenient to hold the device in place without twisting your arms. In addition, with the help of tension, you can adjust the force of contact of the massager to the body on the go. No wires will get in the way: the device runs on battery power.


You can purchase a massager for the neck-collar area FOR NECK SD-MSN1 SECRETDATE on the MVIDEO trading platform for 6,400 rubles.

Eye massager FOR EYES SD-MSE2 SECRETDATE – your own cosmetologist

Long work (as well as rest) at the computer tires not only the neck, but also the eyes. Simply rubbing them with your hands is not the best idea, because in this case there is a risk of infection or even damaging your eyesight. It is much wiser to trust a professional, and if there is no time or opportunity for this, get a special eye massager. This gift will be appreciated not only by girls, but also by avid gamers.


The FOR EYES SD-MSE2 SECRETDATE eye massager is shaped like a VR headset. But there are no displays inside—instead, there are soft compression inserts on the inner surface of the device. They gently massage the area around the eyes using vibration to improve tone and relieve fatigue. There is also a heating function that helps improve the effect of the procedure.

The device is fixed on the head with an adjustable strap. A massage session can be combined with meditation. To do this, just pair with your smartphone or laptop via Bluetooth, and then turn on relaxing music or nature sounds. Like other devices of the brand, the massager works wirelessly – from the built-in battery. The foldable design makes it easy to take it with you to work or on a trip.


Eye massager FOR EYES SD-MSE2 SECRETDATE can be purchased on the MVIDEO trading platform for 4900 rubles.

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