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YandexGPT 3 Pro neural network presented: smarter, more accurate and faster than the previous version

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Yandex has introduced the third generation of large language models, YandexGPT. The first neural network in this line was YandexGPT 3 Pro, already available through Yandex Cloud. Compared to previous-generation AI, it handles complex queries better and follows a given response format more accurately, making it useful in solving real-world problems.


According to the official announcement, YandexGPT 3 Pro solves complex problems more efficiently, better understands the context of the conversation and processes significantly more requests per unit of time compared to YandexGPT 2. The language model is capable of executing instructions with several conditions, gives more accurate and complete answers and makes fewer stylistic errors .

YandexGPT 3 Pro can be integrated into business products via API. In addition, users will be able to further train the new neural network themselves in the Yandex DataSphere ML development service. According to Yandex, it performs particularly well in areas such as customer support, online sales, digital communications, marketing, advertising and personnel management. Also, the language model works better with documents: for example, it draws up contracts, invoices, regulatory documentation, job descriptions, and more.

The quality of YandexGPT 3 Pro was assessed using several tests, including YaMMLU_ru – a version of the international MMLU benchmark localized into Russian. The developers also used Side by Side (SBS) testing to evaluate the model’s ability to handle idea generation, information summarization, classification tasks, content creation, and other business tasks. In 67% of cases, YandexGPT 3 responds better than YandexGPT 2, and when working with user requests and processing business requests, the new neural network copes better in 69% and 60% of cases, respectively.

YandexGPT 3 Pro

Also now YandexGPT 3 Pro makes significantly fewer mistakes – the number of actual errors compared to YandexGPT 2 has decreased from 16.4% to 13.5%, the share of unconfirmed information in answers has decreased from 6.4% to 5%, and the number of user questions is unanswered decreased by 5 times.

In the near future, YandexGPT 3 Pro and other third-generation neural networks YandexGPT will appear in Yandex services for a wide audience.

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