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Xiaomi S400 smart scales have a body composition measurement function

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Xiaomi S400 smart scales have a body composition measurement function

The S400 smart scale has appeared on the Xiaomi global website . They are capable of measuring vital health indicators and performing bioimpedance analysis of the body. As a result, the user receives information about the mass of fat, muscles, bones and other statistics. The company explained what else is remarkable about this new product.

The device is designed for users weighing up to 150 kg, the stated measurement error is no more than 0.1 kg. The device has built-in memory for storing information about 36 users, a guest mode, and functions for weighing babies and pets. Declared autonomy is up to 180 days. The scales record the following health indicators:

  • Weight
  • Pulse rate
  • Body mass index
  • Body Composition Assessment
  • Fat percentage and mass
  • Muscle percentage and mass
  • Protein percentage and weight
  • Percentage and weight of liquid
  • Amount of visceral fat
  • State of bone mineralization

The scales determine body composition using bioimpedance analysis: the device passes low-frequency (50 kHz) and high-frequency (250 kHz) current through the user, which allows you to determine the amount of fluid, as well as the indicators listed above.


Company representatives claim that the accuracy of measuring fat content is almost identical to the standard. All measurements are synchronized with the smartphone via the Mi Home application. The price and start date of sales of smart scales have not yet been announced.

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