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Volkswagen has developed a device to deter wild animals from approaching cars.

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The German automaker Volkswagen has announced the development of RooBadge, a special gadget designed to emit specific sounds to scare away animals and reduce the risk of collisions with them on the roads. The company intends to integrate this system worldwide in the near future.


Volkswagen is currently collaborating with the wildlife rescue organization WIRES and researchers at the University of Melbourne to develop the RooBadge. The creators of this technology are confident that the device will help address the issue of animals appearing on highways and mitigate the risk of accidents.


The RooBadge will be affixed under the license plate. This gadget comprises a box with a speaker that emits simulated animal sounds. The device emits a focused beam of sound, which is dispersed across the roof and reproduced at various frequencies at speeds of up to 100 km/h. The RooBadge can customize the sound to target specific types of animals.

This gadget is promoted as “the world’s first innovation using machine learning.” The technology utilizes GPS data to optimize sound signals based on the types of animals inhabiting a particular area. The company is currently testing different sound profiles to determine the most effective solutions. Detailed information about the RooBadge is available on the official Volkswagen website.

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