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Unity Study: 62% of Game Developers Are Using AI

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Unity, together with research company CIST, found out how many developers use AI to create video games. It turned out that there was a lot.


About three hundred respondents, representatives of various development studios, took part in the study. 

62% of studios we surveyed said they use AI in their workflows—mostly for rapid prototyping, but also for concept creation, asset creation, and world building.

At the same time, 71% of studios using AI believe that it has simplified their work. Among those who don’t use AI, 38% simply don’t want to start doing it, 43% haven’t found the time to do it, and 24% don’t think they have the necessary technical skills to do it. Let us recall that earlier the CEO of EA placed great hopes on artificial intelligence – it should increase the publisher’s profits by as much as 30%.

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