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The Russian team lost an important tournament in CS2 due to an RTX 4080 crash

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There is no fail-safe technology – even advanced video cards costing a thousand dollars break. A player from the domestic Counter-Strike 2 team Virtus Pro was convinced of this right during the tournament.


A curious thing happened during the PGL major competition with a prize fund of $1.25 million. In the decisive game for reaching the playoffs, the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 video card of one of the e-sportsmen malfunctioned, which led to the defeat of the team: the Russian Virtus Pro lost to the G2 squad and was eliminated from the tournament. The organizers admitted that the problem was a glitch in the NVIDIA graphics driver, which, as it turned out, was not very well optimized for CS2. 

However, the outcome of the game was still recognized as legitimate. Interestingly, Virtus Pro player Jami Ali reacted very calmly to what happened: he did not make a drama out of it and said that technical errors are inevitably part of the game, and therefore he will simply start preparing for the next competition.

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