Home Technology The electric all-rounder Cowboy Cross is capable of conquering off-road terrain

The electric all-rounder Cowboy Cross is capable of conquering off-road terrain


The Cowboy company has introduced a new model of an electric bicycle designed for riding both in urban conditions and off-road. The 28-kilogram two-wheeler is equipped with a smart self-diagnosis system, a built-in navigator and a luggage compartment for long journeys.


Cowboy Cross

The Cowboy Cross features 60mm tires and suspension systems built into the front fork and dropper seatpost to eliminate ride shake. In addition, it is equipped with more grippy pedals that prevent your feet from slipping when the electric bike rides over uneven surfaces.

The model is equipped with a removable battery with a capacity of 540 Wh, providing a range of up to 120 km. At the back there is a compartment for transporting things or camping equipment. The Cross weighs 27.9 kg, and thanks to this weight the bike feels confident even on off-road terrain. 

The two-wheeler is available in two versions: with a step-through frame and a through-frame. The model is driven by a 250 W motor with a belt drive. The electric bike can accelerate to 25 km/h. Cross also became the first model in the Cowboy line with the Check My Bike self-diagnosis tool, which allows the manufacturer to monitor the status of its mobile computers.

In addition, the electric bike is equipped with an anti-theft system and support for a proprietary application with built-in navigation via Google Maps. In addition, Cowboy introduced a new gamification feature, Live Challenges, that can diversify the experience of riding the Cross. The cost of the model is 3499 euros.