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The autonomy of the foldable OnePlus Open was compared with competitors [VIDEO]

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A video dedicated to testing the autonomy of the OnePlus Open folding smartphone has appeared on the PhoneBuff YouTube channel. Its competitors were Honor Magic V2, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 and Google Pixel Fold, and for the objectivity of the experiment, all tests were carried out using an impartial robot.

First, a 60-minute voice call was started on all devices with the screen turned off. In this test, the Pixel Fold and Z Fold5 lost 3 and 2% of power, respectively, while the OnePlus Open and Honor Magic V2 remained at their original 100%. The second test was an hour-long SMS conversation on an external screen. It ended with the following results:

  • Honor Magic V2 — 95%
  • OnePlus Open — 94%
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 — 92%
  • Google Pixel Fold — 90%


The robotic hand then “viewed” the same set of emails on the internal screen of smartphones. After 60 60 minutes of testing, OnePlus was in first place (88%), Magic V2 moved into second (86%), Galaxy Z Fold5 (84%) took third place, and Pixel Fold came in fourth (82%). This was followed by an hour of web browsing, after which the results were as follows:

  • OnePlus Open — 79%
  • Honor Magic V2 — 74%
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 — 74%
  • Google Pixel Fold — 70%


Next, the robot scrolled through the Instagram feed for an hour*. At the end of this test, the Honor Magic V2 and Galaxy Z Fold5 each had 65% battery left, the OnePlus Open had 71% battery left, and the Pixel Fold only 60%. Then all smartphones were put into standby mode for 16 hours, they spent an hour watching YouTube, playing Alto’s Adventure, using navigation and listening to music on Spotify. After all these tests, the distribution of places was discharged to the following indicators:

  • OnePlus Open — 23%
  • Magic V2 — 13%
  • Galaxy Z Fold5 — 7%
  • Pixel Fold — 2%

During the subsequent hour-long “sticking” on Snapchat, the Google smartphone turned off with a final result of 25 hours and 3 minutes. Galaxy Z Fold5 was the next to leave the race (20 hours 5 minutes), followed by Honor Magic V2 (25 hours 44 minutes). The winner of the impromptu competition was OnePlus Open, which ended up lasting 26 hours and 27 minutes.

* Belongs to the Meta company, which is recognized as an extremist organization in the Russian Federation

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