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The author of Dwarf Fortress spoke harshly about layoffs in the gaming industry

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Dwarf Fortress is a legendary game whose authors have been distributing it for free for a long time. And then they decided to sell and instantly became millionaires. Now the developer of the epochal sandbox, Tarn Adams, commented on the current situation in the gaming industry, and did not skimp on his words.

Dwarf FortressZach and Tarn Adams – left and right

At GDC, Dwarf Fortress author Tarn Adams discussed the business practices he encountered. The fact is that now he has a full-fledged studio, which needs to think about the financial side of the issue – the long-term tail of sales, the rate of budget burning and everything else that part of the monologue was devoted to. And then Adams asked himself: Did all this experience help him understand or even feel empathy for the people who make decisions about large-scale layoffs? The answer was harsh and uncompromising. Adams launched into an angry tirade with a lot of obscene language.

Yes ***** similar. Let them eat *****. I think they’re just terrible, disgusting people. Their solutions don’t seem practical. It looks like a bunch of crazy greedy people are trying to pull off some venture capital stunt. The unbearable stench of rot is at the very top of all structures where people are forced out due to funding, bad incentives or stupidity. But I think it will help someone make extra profits or provide themselves with a huge golden parachute when these companies start to fall apart.

By the way, brothers Zach and Tarn Adams promise to soon release an update to Dwarf Fortress, which will add a full-fledged adventure mode to the game. It should be released in April.

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