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Technology announced to prevent burn-in of OLED screens

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Scientists from the University of Cambridge have published a study that describes a method that can prevent burn-in of OLED panels. The main idea is a new technology for producing blue LEDs.


Burn-in occurs due to displaying the same static image for an extended period of time. For example, this could be a widget in the corner of the screen. According to scientists, the problem primarily lies in blue subpixels, which shorten the lifespan of OLED screens.

According to the researchers , “packaging” these matrix components in a special polymer shell will not only reduce the likelihood of screen burn-in, but will also make the production process much more efficient.

It is worth noting that the new technology is still at the development stage and is still far from being implemented in real devices – for this, vendors will need to completely reconsider the production process. It is unknown when the new type of panels may appear on the market and how much they will cost.

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