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Share! Valve has updated the popular Family Sharing feature on Steam

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Buying games is expensive. Fortunately, Valve has provided for this, which is why the Family Sharing feature has been in demand on Steam for many years, allowing you to share your library with other users. And although everyone was happy with everything, the platform holder decided to change something in it.


Last evening, the company announced small (but serious) changes to the mechanics of account sharing. The bad news is that the number of “family” members has been reduced to five, and the process itself is now limited by region (i.e., users from America cannot open access to their collection to residents of Europe, and so on).

The good thing is that if there are several copies of one game in a group, several users will be able to launch the title at once (i.e., if there are two Resident Evil 4s in several libraries, two people can easily play it at the same time, rather than wait their turn). And especially for parents with children, the Steam Family settings contain control functions for approving purchases and limiting content.

The bad thing is that if one of the accounts in the “family” is banned for cheating, it disables access to the same game for all other members of the group. For now, the updated version of Family Library Sharing is available in the beta version of the Steam client. You can familiarize yourself with all the changes on the official website of the platform.

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