Home Technology Russia has created a method for studying materials using AI

Russia has created a method for studying materials using AI


Moscow Technological University Skoltech has announced that its scientific experts have introduced a novel method for examining material properties utilizing machine learning. This method enables the study of polycrystals, composite materials, and systems with multiple phases with a high degree of accuracy, comparable to the outcomes of quantum mechanical methods.

The primary advantage of this new approach lies in its capability to learn from the local atomic environments, thereby considering the intricate structures of materials. This capability opens up avenues for investigating the mechanical properties of materials like diamonds, which find widespread industrial use.

Scientists highlight that this new method facilitates research on materials containing a large number of atoms, a task unattainable using conventional quantum chemical techniques. This breakthrough offers fresh prospects for exploring and advancing materials with enhanced properties, applicable across various industries.

The developed approach promises a deeper comprehension of material mechanical characteristics, thereby fostering scientific inquiry and technological advancement. Scientists anticipate that their efforts will enhance production processes and yield novel materials with unique properties.