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Rumor: Apple Vision Pro will receive a brain wave scanner

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Apple has filed a new patent application related to the Vision Pro mixed reality headset. The document describes a system for monitoring brain activity – it is assumed that it will help the user concentrate on tasks, and can also improve his physical and mental health.


According to the patent , sensors to read brain activity could be built into the headset strap. The company also wants to integrate a heart rate monitor and thermometer, as well as sensors for monitoring breathing rate and blood pressure.

Taking into account brain activity will allow us to create something similar to a brain-computer interface. Similar EEG-based technology is already used in some meditation or productivity gadgets known as neuro-hoops. Apple’s patent describes a similar use case.


The document also mentions a meditation app that will be able to interact with the user based on their brain activity. For example, if the device detects anxiety, the sound or video may change to a more relaxing one.

The Appleinsider portal suggests that Vision Pro with new technology will, in theory, be able to take into account the activation of individual brain centers (learning, vision, anxiety, and others) for enhanced interaction with a person. However, a patent application does not yet mean the start of mass production – whether Apple actually plans to produce such an accessory is still unknown.

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