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NVIDIA will give non-player characters artificial intelligence [VIDEO]

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NVIDIA, together with Inwords, showed part of a technical demo called New Covert Protocol. This is an improvised detective game, the peculiarity of which is the presence of non-player characters (NPCs) who are able to “think” for themselves thanks to AI algorithms.

According to the developers, the behavior of such characters should become more natural – they will be able to react more accurately and variedly to the actions and words of the player. This way, each playthrough will be unique, as NPCs will constantly behave differently.

Thanks to the proprietary SDK, developers will be able to implement three main technologies into games: ACE, NVIDIA Riva Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and NVIDIA AudioFace (A2F). The latter allows you to synchronize the movement of characters’ lips with speech when translating games into another language. NVIDIA showed its work using the example of the game World of Jade Dynasty, translated from Chinese into English.

The timing of the commercial introduction of new technologies into games has not yet been announced. The company also intends to use AI in the medical field – in collaboration with Hippocratic AI & UnneQ, it showed a digital assistant that can be useful in managing a patient, recording data about him and even making calls.

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