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NVIDIA announced AI nurses to help in hospitals [VIDEO]

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The video chip manufacturer announced a collaboration with Hippocratic AI, which specializes in artificial intelligence development. The company presented virtual nurses to reduce the burden on medical workers in the healthcare sector. 


According to partner company Hippocratic AI, language models are the only scalable way to bridge the gap between patient demand and the capacity of hospitals facing staffing shortages. The new robot nurses cost healthcare providers just $9 an hour—lower than the U.S. minimum hourly wage and below the average hourly wage for registered nurses.

In a new video, NVIDIA showed a possible conversation between a patient and artificial intelligence after surgery. A virtual healthcare worker gives advice on the rehabilitation period and answers questions about whether certain antibiotics are safe to use.

Hippocratic AI has raised $53 million in funding from General Catalyst and Premji Invest. The total project budget is estimated at $500 million. The development could solve the problem of the growing shortage of personnel in the medical field. 

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