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Nothing Phone (2a) surprised the blogger with its durability [VIDEO]

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The author of the YouTube channel PBKreviews tested the Nothing Phone (2a) smartphone for resistance to falls. He “landed” the gadget on concrete several times with different sides of the case – and found out that it boasts a good margin of safety.

First, the author of the video dropped the smartphone face down onto the concrete from a height of half a person’s height. The screen withstood the fall, and not a single scratch appeared on it, but the frame received several marks. At the same time, according to the blogger, due to the white color of the case, they turned out to be almost invisible.

The next test is to drop the screen down from head height. The front panel remains intact, with only a couple of scratches, and new marks have appeared on the frame. Then the smartphone repeated the first “flight”, but this time it fell on the back panel. It received a few cosmetic blemishes, but was not cracked.

Finally, the blogger dropped the smartphone from waist height with the edge of the body down. The screen partially took the hit, so there was minor damage on the side, although the gadget was not functionally damaged. Summing up, the author of the video called the survivability of the smartphone impressive, especially considering its relatively affordable price.

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