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New Surface devices are much more repairable than their predecessors


After the presentation of the Surface Laptop 6 laptop and the Surface Pro 10 tablet, Microsoft spoke about one unobvious feature of the new gadgets. We are talking about increasing the maintainability of gadgets – most of their components can be replaced without contacting a service center.


The components of the new products have QR codes that provide information necessary for repairs – for example, the type of screws and a list of tools needed to unscrew them. According to Surface general manager Nancy Gaskill, the parts you need are easy to find thanks to “clear visual icons and built-in repair instructions.” For example, in Pro 10 you can replace the following components yourself:

  • battery
  • Frame
  • Cameras
  • Stand
  • Speakers
  • Microphone
  • SSD with chassis
  • Display module
  • Cooling system
  • Surface Connect port
  • Power and volume buttons
  • Motherboard with processor and RAM


For the Laptop 6 laptop the list looks like this: 

  • SSD
  • Touch
  • Display
  • Speakers
  • Keyboard
  • Battery
  • Audio jack
  • Body and legs
  • Motherboard
  • Surface Connect port
  • Cooling system

In 2017, iFixit engineers called the Surface Laptop a “glue monster” and gave it a repairability score of zero. In 2019, Microsoft improved the situation and added a removable SSD and modular components to the Surface Pro X. In 2021, the company began selling tools for repairing Surface devices, and a year later released its most repairable device to date, the Surface Pro 9 (7 out of 10 on the iFixit scale).