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Media: OpenAI is already testing GPT-5

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Business Insider, citing its own sources, reported the approximate release date of the large language model GPT-5. The journalists also conveyed the first impression of a person who had already tried out the new neural network in action.


According to journalists, OpenAI has already provided access to a demo version of GPT-5 to its corporate clients, and there is a “great chance” that the company will announce the model this summer. One of the publication’s sources, who has already evaluated GPT-5, said that this version is “significantly better” than GPT-4.

Currently, GPT-5 is still being trained on test data sets, and the testing phase will begin later. At it, OpenAI employees and third-party experts will check whether the neural network gives dangerous answers to leading questions. It is based on the results of testing that the timing of the launch of the neural network should be determined.

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