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Life after. The authors of Days Gone are working on a AAA-class service game


Gamers rarely greet sequels with great joy, but in the case of Days Gone, they were very upset by Sony’s decision not to renew the franchise. Now it has become known what the authors of this game are working on.

Judging by the latest vacancies at Bend Studio, the situation is sad: the authors of Days Gone are looking for specialists to work on service games. This confirms the old rumor that the team was assigned to develop some kind of multiplayer session game based on Days Gone mechanics. Another interesting thing is that the specialist required by the studio must have experience in repurposing the development of traditional single-player games into service ones.

The team has been working on the project for several years; it was first mentioned in 2022. The unnamed title will use some of the developments of the open world of Days Gone, but will show a completely different universe. The release date for this project is still unclear.