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It could have been better. Critics Divided on Alone in the Dark


As a rule, critics quickly come to a consensus about a particular game. But sometimes their opinions differ noticeably – as happened with the new Alone in the Dark.

Today the remake of one of the pillars of the horror genre will premiere, and the media, as usual, have already released their reviews of the new product. At the time of writing the material, the average score on Metacritic is 64, and on OpenCritic a little less – 61. Interestingly, the attitude of journalists towards the title is very heterogeneous: some found it incredibly derivative, meaningless and generally very weak, while others were delighted with the plot, acting and gameplay.

“After the delightful surreal horror of Alan Wake 2, which, for all its strangeness, told a clear and touching story, Alone in the Dark is so bland, so clumsy, so inarticulate that you can only shrug your shoulders. The mystery surrounding Jeremy’s madness isn’t worth the arduous investigation, and the action and puzzles are pale copies of the excellent design of Resident Evil 4. The curse is alive.” – The Guardian, 1 star out of 5.
“It’s great to see Alone in the Dark return to form. And with your own face too. The series, which started off as a breakthrough, spent too many years chasing horror trends in hopes of catching a wide audience, and ended up becoming a pale imitation of other games and their good ideas. Therefore, it is very pleasant that a part has finally come out that has chosen its path, and whose authors value a strong plot and a strong atmosphere more than horror. You can call it “cute,” but in my opinion, this is a game that is closer to Stephen King than the writers of Saw.” – Digitally Downloaded, 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Let us remind you that the release of Alone in the Dark will take place today. The horror game will be released on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series.