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Hyundai has created a robot to deliver food and parcels inside buildings [VIDEO]

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The South Korean automaker has developed a delivery robot, DAL-e Delivery, capable of autonomously delivering packages, food, and coffee to offices inside buildings. The development is based on the Hyundai Plug & Drive platform, featuring intelligent steering and braking systems.

The DAL-e Delivery is equipped with four Plug & Drive modules with improved suspension. Its cargo compartment can hold up to 16 cups of coffee or bags weighing up to 10 kg. Built-in sensors enable it to navigate complex environments, safely avoid obstacles, and change routes in real-time for efficient delivery.

The robot’s speed reaches 1.2 m/s. It can summon an elevator using a camera and artificial intelligence to check the number of people inside. DAL-e Delivery autonomously ascends to the desired floor and reaches the office or room – all at the press of a button. It can interact with elevator and door control systems in smart homes. Additionally, the built-in camera is utilized for facial recognition with 99.9% accuracy.

DAL-e Delivery

The most significant aspect is that this is not merely a concept but an actual product. The DAL-e Delivery robot will debut with the opening of IGIS Asset Management’s Factorial Seongsu smart office in Seoul, South Korea, in the second quarter of 2024.

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