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Head of Owlcat Games: “No one can repeat the success of Baldur’s Gate III”


The founder of the Russian gaming studio Owlcat Games, familiar to gamers from the Pathfinder and Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader duology, commented on the success of Baldur’s Gate III. According to him, no one can reach such a level.

Oleg Shpilchevsky is confident that the success of such a phenomenon is unattainable for others. The reason is simple: for the second time, Larian Studios took all its money and bet it on red. Only a few people in the industry can afford this level of risk.

“I know that for Larian this was already the second game, which is either hit or miss: when you put all your money into one shot and wait to see whether it will shoot or not. We simply cannot invest $200 million in our Baldur’s Gate III. There is no question of the quality bar, because this is a phenomenon that will shine higher than the sky. The rest will dig their own niches, but Larian, of course, has determined the vector,” says Shpilchevsky.

At the same time, Shpilchevsky says that Baldur’s Gate III has already begun to influence other games. For example, the employees of Owlcat Games understand that it is simply impossible to make an isometric game without beautiful cutscenes – this will not be understood or accepted. All authors of such RPGs will make them more cinematic. In addition, Owlcat has previously made games with partial voice acting, but now the developers have a strong feeling that now all dialogue lines will need to be voiced.