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GNOME 46 Shell is out. What’s changed?

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The GNOME 46 desktop environment has been released, receiving a number of cosmetic and functional innovations. All of them are aimed at improving the usability of the user interface – the developers talked about the most significant changes.

GNOME 46Source: OMG Ubuntu

In the Nautilus file manager, you can now search in one window both by the current directory and globally. The icon located to the right of the address bar is responsible for local search, and the magnifying glass icon located to the left for global search.

Notifications have also become more convenient: they now have an icon for the source application, a title, and an icon for expanding the message.


You can now add a WebDAV account to your GNOME account, as well as a Microsoft account to gain access to OneDrive cloud storage (in the current build, the function may work with errors). In addition, the following innovations were implemented in the shell:

  • libadwaita widgets and Last.FM scrobbling appeared
  • In the Loupe Gallery, the Sift + Delete keyboard shortcut is now available for deleting images
  • The current month is highlighted more clearly in the calendar, and application performance has also been improved
  • Working with your favorites in Maps has become more efficient, and zoom controls have moved down
  • Epiphany Browser now uses a proper manifest to build a web app, and also fixes some Firefox Sync issues.

GNOME 46Click to enlarge

In GNOME 46, the capabilities of the Remote Desktop Service have been improved – now a PC with the new shell can be used as a full-fledged remote resource. The corresponding settings have been added to the “System” menu (in the screenshot above).

In addition, GNOME 46 includes support for the H.264 standard for recording screencasts, experimental support for the VRR function, the Super + Ctrl + 1-9 keyboard shortcut to launch an application from the quick access panel, new wallpapers and other useful features. You can find out about all the changes on the official website of the project .

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