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Fraudsters have found a new way to “hijack” Apple accounts


IT portal KrebsOnSecurity reported a new method of phishing attack on iPhone users. It combines two types of influence on a potential victim: intrusive spam messages and a phone call offering a “solution to the problem.”


The essence of the method is that the victim is “inundated” with countless requests to change his account password, which prevent him from using his smartphone normally. In addition, similar messages from the Apple ID service appear on all Apple devices that the iPhone owner has.

Having not received a positive response to the request, the scammers call their victim, posing as support workers, reporting an existing threat to the account and asking them to “check” the one-time code. Blogger Parth Patel said that before the call he received over a hundred similar requests.


Other users told similar stories on social networks. One of them independently called back to the real Apple technical support number: company representatives confirmed that they do not make such calls. Another “victim” was advised to use the “Recovery Key” feature – but, as it turned out, this does not help with sending notifications if the attackers have the victim’s full phone number.

Apple itself has not yet commented on the situation.