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Elon Musk announced a new Neuralink chip that restores people’s sight

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Neuralink recently aired an interview with its first patient who received the N1 brain chip to control a PC with the power of thought. Soon after this, it became known what “superpower” the company’s new development would give a person – Elon Musk himself spoke about this in his blog.


The businessman announced the next Neuralink product on his blog on the social network X. According to him, the company will soon release Blindsight, a chip that returns the ability to see to blind people. He previously mentioned this in January of this year. Then Forbes reported that the device could transmit a “video signal” directly to the brain, stimulating the visual cortex (in sighted people this is done by the eyes).

The entrepreneur added that at first the resolution will be low, “like on early Nintendo consoles,” but later the electronics will be able to surpass the quality of ordinary human vision. It also became known that Blindsight is already being tested on monkeys, and the company is awaiting regulatory approval to begin testing on humans. The exact premiere date of the new Neuralink development has not yet been announced.

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