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Average open world game. Critics about Rise of the Ronin

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The success of Ghost of Tsushima inspired developers to create new games starring noble Japanese swordsmen. Alas, not every such game turned out to be on the level of a hit from Sucker Punch Productions.


Yesterday the embargo on reviews of Rise of the Ronin, a slasher from the studio Team Ninja, ended. Judging by the reviews, it turned out to be quite good at best: it collected 76 points on Metacritic and OpenCritic . In general, journalists agree that the game turned out to be ambitious – however, the good combat system and mechanics of movement in the open world are spoiled by the generally mediocre everything else.

“Rise of the Ronin is the culmination of the combat formula that Team Ninja has been honing since Nioh. A beautiful game that’s both simple and challenging, and incredibly addictive.” – IGN Spain, 9/10
“With its outdated visuals, stale combat, and bland characters, Rise of the Ronin turns out to be a much worse game in practice than it seemed in theory,” Variety, 5/10.

The release of the new action game from Team Ninja studio will take place today. The game will only be released on PlayStation 5.

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