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Android 15 will block installation of old apps


The authors of the Android Police portal discovered another interesting innovation in the code of the test build of Android 15 Developer Preview 2. As it turned out, Google has once again revised the requirements for mobile software developers, limiting the installation of outdated applications on devices with the new OS.

Android 15

According to the source , Android 15 prohibits the installation of applications with SDK versions lower than 24, which corresponds to Android 7.0. The new restriction was tested in practice and it turned out that it already works. When you try to install outdated software, Google Play Protect issues a corresponding warning. As a result, the “canceled” program still formally completes the installation process, but does not start.

It’s worth noting that most popular apps won’t be affected because they’re designed for much newer versions of Android than 6.0. However, if the software has not received updates for a long time, its developers will have to “upgrade” the code base or release a new version. Otherwise, this application will no longer work on devices with Android 15.