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A programmer passed an interview for a friend using a deepfake

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Social network user X under the nickname @facelessboy00 successfully passed an interview for his friend using a deepfake. An experienced developer has demonstrated the skills necessary to get a job at a technology company. To implement the “insidious plan,” he replaced his face with the face of his friend during real-time video calls.


Deepfake interview

After taking a frontend course, facelessboy00’s friend complained to him that he couldn’t find a job for three months. To begin with, the developer created a sales resume, focusing on the best LinkedIn profiles from the largest companies. Then the enthusiast used the DeepFaceLive program to capture video – the software can change the face of the selected person with a delay of 500 ms.

The program was “fed” 10,000 photos of a friend and the model was trained for 14 hours. After posting the resume and the first response, facelessboy00 configured OBS with a 500ms audio latency to sync with the video. In the first case, the employer suspected something was wrong. 

Deepfake interview

But the enthusiast did not give up and retrained DeepFaceLive on new photos, upgrading his video card from RTX 3070 to RTX 4090. The second attempt bore fruit, and the applicant received an offer of $4,000 per month. After that, facelessboy00 gave the password from the mail and messenger to his friend. Later, the developer promised to tell more details about this initiative. 

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