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A new image of the black hole at the center of the Milky Way has been obtained [PHOTO]


The black hole, called Sagittarius A*,  is photographed for the first time in polarized light. In the image you can see the structure of intense magnetic fields in the form of a spiral around its edge. This discovery will allow scientists to learn a lot about the properties of gas and the mechanisms that occur during the absorption of other celestial bodies.

Photo of a black hole

The black hole at the center of M87 (left) in polarized light and Sgr A* (right) in polarized light

The polarization effect occurs when the orientation of light waves is directed at a certain angle. The plasma generates magnetic fields that rotate around the black holes, and because of them, the polarization of light occurs. Such observations allow astronomers to discern the magnetic fields around the black hole.

Similar observations were made with the black hole M87, located in the Messier 87 galaxy. Despite the fact that these two objects have different masses and locations, scientists were able to determine their common features. For example, in both cases there were intense magnetic fields with a similar structure.

This discovery suggests that the physical processes of “feeding” black holes are universal for all other objects in the universe. The next observations of Sagittarius A* are planned for April 2024.