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100 Gigabit LR-LINK network adapter: a practical solution to complex problems

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Network equipment brand LR-LINK has announced the availability of the LRES1014PF-2QSFP28 network adapter. It is aimed at use in a corporate environment and provides not only high data transfer speeds, but also network process management functions to optimize the operation of the network infrastructure.


One of the key features of a professional network card is high bandwidth. This component of the network infrastructure is useful in the field of cloud computing and storage, data centers, computing systems and other structures that require fast data transfer with low latency.

LR-LINK LRES1014PF-2QSFP28 based on the Intel E810 chip is equipped with two 100-gigabit fiber QSFP28 ports and supports iWARP and rockev2 RDMA (Remote Direct Memory Access) transport protocols, as well as application queuing technology. The latter allows you to prioritize access to network resources, optimizing the operation of applications even under heavy load on the company’s infrastructure. In addition, the device supports hardware acceleration of data packets.


The network card also supports scalable application queuing (ADQ) technology. It improves the predictability of application response times while reducing latency. The maximum throughput of the adapter is up to 400 GB/s when connected via the PCI Express 4.0 x16 bus, and is also backward compatible with PCIe 3.0 and 2.0 interfaces.


The included radiator is responsible for cooling the network chip. Thanks to passive cooling, the adapter operates silently, and its power consumption is only 27.1 W. Installation of LR-LINK LRES1014PF-2QSFP28 is possible in both full-size and low-profile slots.

LR-LINK network adapters are available on the ELKO distributor website.

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