Your child watches reels all the time, divert his mind with these activities

Smartphone Habit in Kids: Nowadays children like to watch reels ie short videos coming on Facebook, Insta and YouTube in smart phones. This is affecting their health from eyes to brain. Get rid of this bad habit of the child with these tricks.

Your child watches reels all the time, divert his mind with these activities

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Smart phone has become such an important part of our life today that it is difficult to imagine life without it. Generally everyone in the whole world is addicted to it but the biggest negative part is that children get addicted to it. Today even one year old child likes to eat food by watching videos on the phone. Children above the age of 2 years have now become accustomed to watching reels ie short videos coming on YouTube, Insta and Facebook.

It is having a bad effect on many organs from the eyes to the brain of children. Through these methods or activities, you can reduce your child’s habit of watching reels to a great extent.

use of smart tv

According to the report published in PubMed, the bad effect of smart also falls on the sleep system of children. This research was done on children of 5 to 8 years of age, in which most of them have the problem of sleeplessness. If the child is to be saved from watching reels, then it is necessary to think like him. If you have a smart TV in your home, then make the child watch videos or other smart activities on it as much as possible.

painting is best

There is quality in color that it attracts both adults and children. Simply put, it is considered to be the favorite work of most of the children. Whenever the child insists on watching the reels, offer him the task of painting them with colours. The child will start doing this activity in one go. This will also develop his skills.

favorite food cooking

If the child is above 4 years and you are troubled by his smart phone addiction, then you should take the help of cooking in this. To amuse the child, make a plan for cooking his favorite food. The child will not reject your offer but will also support you in this activity. Repeat this activity at least 2 times a week.