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Yoga For Strong Bones: Bone health is important, try this yoga

It is believed in medical science that calcium and vitamin D are essential for healthy and strong bones. We use calcium supplements to strengthen bones. Along with these calcium-rich diet, you can also make your bones strong by doing some yoga. Bone density can be reduced by yoga.

Strong bones are a sign of good health, but nowadays, due to changing lifestyle and wrong eating habits, there are complaints of weak bones at an early age, especially in women. The effect of which is also seen in the daily routine. Calcium supplements and calcium-rich diet overcome this problem, but some yogasanas can also make your bones strong. Let’s know about these yogasanas

In this easy your posture becomes like a triangle. If you are troubled by back pain, then this asana can relieve you of this problem. Along with removing obesity, Trikonasana also keeps the problem of diabetes in balance. It keeps you active along with strengthening the bones. In this asana, you stand straight, keep both the hands straight at shoulder level, now bending on the right side, take the hands till the soles of the feet, stay in this pose for two to three minutes. Come back to the state of relaxation.

If there is pain in the joints of your wrists or fingers, then you must do this asana. With this you can also get relief from your lower back pain. Bhujangasan also eliminates the problem of your double chin from the root. You lie down on your stomach, keep both hands near the shoulder, both the paws should be connected together. Keep the entire weight of your body on your hands and with the help of your hands, lift the upper part of your body. Stretch the body, after staying in this state for some time, come in the posture of Relax. In the beginning you repeat this two to three times

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tree pose
By doing this asana, your bones become strong, along with you get mental concentration, it calms the mind. For this asana, you should stand straight. Bend the right leg and touch it with the left knee and keep both the hands folded upwards in prayer posture. Keep the body straight and stretch yourself. Initially you stay in this posture for five minutes, gradually do this asana for twenty minutes.

Yogasanas for Osteoporosis
If you are troubled by the problem of osteoporosis, then Pranayama, Vajrasana and Virabhadrasana will be beneficial for you.

With the help of this asana, you can remove the weakness of the bones. For this, bend both the legs and sit on the knees. Rest the ankles on your hips. Keep both the hands on your knees and keep the head straight. Take a deep breath and stay in this pose for ten minutes. Come back to the posture of Relax.

Disclaimer: The tips in this article are for general information only. Do not consider these tips and information as advice from any doctor or medical professional. In case of symptoms of any disease, do consult a doctor.


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