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Year Ender 2022: These four diseases caused a lot of trouble this year, the risk of some problems still remains

The year 2022 is moving towards its end. This year will be remembered for many national and international events. If we talk about health, on the one hand, where there has been a decrease in the speed of the corona epidemic that has been going on for the last three years, on the other hand, some serious and infectious diseases have troubled people a lot. In the year 2022, many improvements related to lifestyle were definitely seen in the whole world facing the epidemic.

In the beginning of the year, the effect of the third wave of Corona was seen in the country, although it soon ended due to the increased pace of vaccination and social awareness. After the exemption from Corona restrictions, people started going to gym-exercise, but infections like monkeypox and tomato flu were always in fear.

In a few days we are going to enter the new year. Health experts say, we all need to be conscious about our health. Maintaining a proper routine and diet is essential for everyone, it can go a long way in saving you from the risk of serious diseases. For the time being, let’s take a look at these diseases which will pose challenges at many levels in the year 2022.

Kovid-19: The speed of the third wave is light

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The effect of the global corona epidemic in December 2019 continued this year as well, although its severity was seen to be less. The Omicron variant was dominant since the beginning of the year, leading to a third wave of infections in January-February, although the symptoms and severity of the infection were mild. In all the studies, emphasis was being laid on the requirements of the third dose to reduce the severity of corona, keeping this in mind, the vaccine for health workers, frontline workers and citizens above 60 years of age from January 10, 2022 3rd dose was started.

Many mutations were seen this year in the Omicron variant of Corona. Most of the mutations were reported to be more transmissible, which can easily cause infection in people by evading the immunity created in the body by vaccination. At present, the threat of corona is still continuing, health experts appeal to all people to continue taking precautions.

Increased difficulties in monkeypox

The risk of monkeypox infection was also seen this time amidst the ongoing infection of Corona. The effect of this infection, which usually spreads in the wild areas of Africa, was seen in many countries of the world this year. Its cases were reported in European countries as well as in India. On July 14, for the first time in India, the case of this infection was confirmed in Kerala.

In view of the threat of increasing infection globally, the WHO declared it a health emergency on 23 July. At present monkeypox infection has been controlled in India.

Tomato flu risk shown in children

Tomato flu is also included in the most disturbing diseases in the year 2022. A sudden spurt in cases of Tomato Flu infection was reported in the country in the months of July-August. Young children are more at risk of this infection, in which red colored blisters are seen on the skin along with high fever, joint pain in infected children. Due to this infectious disease, there was a rapid increase in the congestion in the hospitals, although its infection was controlled in time.

Heart attack-cardiac arrest risk

The problem affecting most people in the year 2022 is the risk of heart attack-cardiac arrest. This year, the cases of Sudden Heart Attack among people were surprisingly high. The danger remains even in young people. heart attack during weddings, Many people died due to heart attack while working. This risk still remains.

Health experts say, people of all ages need to take special precautions regarding heart health. A sustained effort is needed to reduce this risk in the year 2023.


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