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Will Jasprit Bumrah’s injury end his career? Know what experts say

Jasprit bumrah: Jasprit Bumrah suffered a back stress fracture injury a few months ago, which has now become an inexplicable puzzle. Due to this injury, he is not able to fully fit. Some people say that this injury can also end the career of the bowler.

How long will it take Jasprit Bumrah to get fit

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Jasprit Bumrah Injury: indian fast bowler jasprit bumrah many times with his performance Team India Has crossed the boat. He used to clean bowl big batsmen with his brilliant bowling, but now Bumrah has not been able to return to the field for the last several months. In the past, he was also included in the team, but he was dropped without playing. It is being told that this happened due to the tightness during the practice. Actually, a few months back Bumrah back stress fracture injury had happened, which has now become an unsolvable puzzle. Due to this injury, he is not able to fully fit. Some people say that this injury can also end the career of the bowler.

In such a situation, it is important to know what is this stress fracture and how much time Jasprit Bumrah may take to recover from it. We have spoken to experts to know the answers to these questions.

What is back stress fracture injury?

Associate Director, Orthopedic & Joint Replacement Department, Max Superspeciality Hospital, Vaishali Dr. Akhilesh Yadav Explains that back stress fracture is also called spondylosis. This is a very small crack which is in the middle of the interarticularis across the spine. Athletes are more prone to develop stress fractures. This condition usually does not cause symptoms, but the most common symptom is extreme back pain, which makes it difficult for the person to do any work. This pain increases further when the spinal cord is pulled and there is more pressure.

People with back stress fractures are usually treated based on the degree of pain, including medications, physical therapy to strengthen the muscles, or a lumbar brace. In very rare cases, patients have to undergo surgery if the condition persists. It depends on the type of injury and how long it will take to heal.

Bowlers are more at risk of this type of injury

Dr. Akhilesh says that bowlers are more at risk of getting this type of injury. Bowlers have to put more pressure on their front foot during bowling. If the pressure is not put right, then the bones take more stress from it, which becomes the reason for this type of injury. If there is a lot of load on the bones continuously, then the risk of stress fracture increases.

Will his career end due to injury?

Senior orthopedic surgeon Dr. Yash Kumar says that this type of injury happens to bowlers. It is not that now he cannot return to the field. How long it will take for Bumrah to recover depends on how his injury is. If the stress is mild and there is only pain, then they will recover within a few weeks, but if bone injury has occurred due to stress fracture, then it may take five to six months to recover. In such cases, surgery can also be done many times. It also depends on whether Bumrah has stress fracture on either side of the waist.

There may still be complaints of back pain

Dr. Kumar says that a bowler gets this type of injury, but it is important to know whether Bumrah is not having back pain while bowling. If he is complaining of pain even after coming back from rehab, then this injury can be serious and it can take a year to recover from it, although sometimes due to cold this problem also increases. If Bumrah is not having any pain while bowling then it is expected that he will return soon.

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