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Weight Loss: Don’t drink green tea like this, you will repent after knowing the loss

Healthy drinks like green tea can cause allergies on the skin ranging from lack of nutrients in the body. This healthy drink can cause allergies on the skin ranging from lack of nutrients in the body.

Weight Loss: Drink Green Tea in this way, after knowing the loss, you will repent from it

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Nowadays many methods are being tried for weight loss. People follow every method from expensive diet plans to workout tips in different ways. One of these is the routine of green tea, which weight loss journey has become an important part of Do you know that green tea can cause harm instead of benefits. This healthy drink From the lack of nutrients in the body, it can cause allergies on the skin.

According to the report published in the English website Healthline, green tea does not reduce weight, but it increases metabolism. (metabolism) And Energy Cycle definitely gets benefited. In this article, we are going to tell that if it is consumed in the wrong way, then the body may have to suffer a lot.

This thing becomes deficient in the body

Green tea contains a chemical called tannin, which easily absorbs iron. Iron is helpful in maintaining the level of hemoglobin in our body, but if you consume more than one or two cups of green tea a day, then you may develop anemia.

dehydration and constipation

Green tea also contains caffeine and if its intake is high in the body then there can be a problem of dehydration. By the way, those who have complaints of constipation should keep distance from green tea. Those facing this problem should drink more and more water.

liver disorder

Do you know that if green tea is consumed excessively, it can also cause your liver to fail. Not only this, those who have acidity problems should also drink less green tea. Also, those suffering from anxiety should also keep distance from it.


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