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Viral hepatitis A causes liver damage, know how to prevent it

Hepatitis A is a viral infection, which can cause significant damage to the liver. Symptoms of jaundice also appear in this disease. In this case, timely treatment is necessary.

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Many diseases are increasing due to bad lifestyle and wrong eating habits. People are also suffering a lot due to this. In the last few months, Measles, dengue and even viral hepatitis A (HAV) like infections and infectious diseases have increased. Doctors tell that HAV or Acute Viral Hepatitis A is also called inflammation of the liver. Which is usually caused by an infection.

About 10-30% of HAV-related cases occur in children. Hepatitis A is an RNA virus, which has an average incubation period of 30 days and sometimes extends up to 49 days. Ajay Kumar, senior physician and doctor of medicine in Delhi, explains that common hepatitis occurs in about 30% of infected children under the age of six, but mostly it is a limited disease where symptoms may last only for 2 weeks. In contrast, older children and adults with HAV infection can usually live for several weeks.

About 70% of its people may suffer from jaundice, and about 80% have hepatomegaly (a condition that causes the liver to become enlarged). However, timely recognition of the disease can be easily treated.

This is how treatment is done

Dr. Kumar explains that the treatment of Hepatitis A does not require any specific treatment method or hospitalization. The best way to recover from HAV is bed rest, good hydration and nutrition which helps the body to deal with the virus. However, in the last six to eight months, there have been several cases where HAV infection persisted for more than three to four months. Symptoms related to jaundice were seen in these patients. In such a situation, it is necessary to get treatment immediately as soon as the symptoms of hepatitis A appear.

keep these things in mind

HAV is mainly caused by infection. Which can enter through our urine or faeces. That’s why therefore houses and toilet areas should always be kept clean. In many cases of hepatitis, symptoms of jaundice start appearing in the beginning itself. HAV vaccine is the most effective way to prevent this disease. These vaccines are given intramuscularly in the deltoid muscle, and two doses are given 6-18 months apart.

Furthermore, these vaccines are very effective in protecting a person from HAV infection as they are capable of inducing more than 95% protective antibody levels in recipients even after receiving their first vaccine dose.

These are the symptoms of hepatitis A

yellowing of the eyes

Urine always yellow

loss of appetite

stomach pain

fever and diarrhea

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