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Vaccine is also available to avoid seasonal flu, know when this vaccine should be applied

Seasonal flu: Dr. Bhagwan Mantri of Pulmonology Department at Moolchand Hospital in Delhi told that many such patients are coming to him who are getting flu symptoms, but they do not have covid.

Seasonal flu can be dangerous

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Flu vaccine: around the world at the moment covid There is an atmosphere of fear about. In view of this, India is also on alert mode. but meanwhile seasonal flu (influenza virus) is spreading rapidly. Due to this the cases are continuously increasing. to protect from covid the vaccine Exists, but do you know that vaccine is also available to avoid flu, which can be easily administered in any hospital.

Doctors say the best way to avoid the flu is to get vaccinated every year. flu vaccine Do get it installed. Flu vaccine is available in hospitals, but most people are not aware of this. The flu vaccine can reduce the severity and duration of illness. Along with this, severe symptoms of flu are also prevented.

Senior Physician Dr. Ajay Kumar explains that the common flu is caused by the influenza virus, which is also a respiratory infection. Due to this, serious health problems can also occur. If this infection gets in the lungs, then the patient’s condition can also worsen. Influenza virus can also cause serious respiratory diseases. If you get vaccinated with the flu vaccine every year, then the risk of repeated flu and severe infection is greatly reduced.

When to get flu vaccine

Dr. Kumar told that cases of seasonal flu often increase in winter only. That’s why the flu vaccine should be taken between September and October. Since the antibodies of this vaccine last only for a short time. In this case, it should not be applied in summer or after winter.

flu cases on the rise

Department of Pulmonology at Moolchand Hospital, Delhi Dr. Bhagwan Mantri has Tv9 India Told in a conversation with that many such patients are coming to him who are getting flu symptoms. These patients are having mild fever, cough and cold. Kovid test is also being done for these patients, but the infection is being confirmed in only a few patients. Most of the people are suffering from influenza only. In such a situation, it is necessary that if there is cough and cold, do not consider it as Kovid. It could also be the flu. Treatment of flu is also very important. This is because it can also cause infection in the lungs. If the treatment is not done on time, then the condition of the patient can also worsen.

New Delhi AIIMS Dr. Vijay Kumar It is said that for the last few weeks, many patients of cough, fever and cold are coming. Influenza A and viral fever are being found in these. Covid tests are also being conducted, but the report is coming negative. According to Dr. Kumar, at this time most people’s attention is only on Kovid, but flu is also spreading. Which should not be ignored. People are advised that if there is fever or cough and cold, then definitely consult a doctor. Avoid self-medicating at home.

Seasonal flu to every other patient

Dr. Ajay Kumar told that every other patient coming to him for treatment has fever, cough and cold problem. Children are also facing this problem. Covid tests are also being done for these people, but the report is coming negative. This shows that people do not have Kovid, but they are coming in the grip of seasonal flu, which is very important to prevent. Flu ie influenza virus spreads in the nose, throat and lungs. If it stays in the lungs for a long time, it can worsen the condition of the patient.

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