Use these medicines to increase immunity in Kovid, the body will also become strong

Immunity boosting medicines: Delhi’s senior physician Dr. Kamaljit Singh Kainth says that it is very important to have good immunity at this time. For this, keep the food and lifestyle right.

This is how to strengthen immunity in Corona

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Immunity booster medicines: corona pandemic During the period people realized that immunity How important it is to keep it good. Experts also say that better disease resistance Any disease or virus can be defeated by it. To strengthen immunity, people also adopt many types of remedies. Let us know from the doctors that apart from home remedies, which medicines can strengthen immunity.

of Delhi Senior Physician Dr. Kamaljit Singh Kainth Has advised these medicines to increase immunity.

  • Vitamin C medications such as Zincovit c
  • Zinc syrup (Zinconia)
  • Multivitamin (HK vitals)

It is also important to take care of food and sleep

Dr. Kamaljit says that apart from medicines, attention should also be paid to diet and sleep. Keeping the diet good improves immunity. For this, it is necessary to consume green vegetables and fruits. Keep the body hydrated. Avoid outside food and have breakfast in the morning. Make sure to include antioxidants in the diet.

Apart from this, sleep should also be taken. At least eight hours of sleep is necessary. This keeps the body fit and all the organs work properly. With good sleep, the functions of the brain also remain correct and the person remains very active during the day. Immunity can also be improved through meditation and yoga. Meditation should be done for at least 10 to 15 minutes a day.

According to Dr. Kanth, at this time it is necessary to take special care of food. Avoid eating street food. Do not take too much fat and definitely include protein and vitamins in the diet.

do the exercise

Dr. Kanth says that exercising regularly also improves immunity. The doctor says that with a good lifestyle, people can cure the weakening immune system. Many people still look very fit even in old age. This happens because of their better immune system. That’s why it is very important to exercise. You can start it in any way, like cycling, jogging or you can keep yourself fit even with light exercise. Do some exercise for 15 to 20 minutes a day

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