US Walmart Shooting: Bloody game again in America; Firing at Walmart store in Virginia, 10 people feared dead – us virginia walmart store shooting multiple fatalities in firing at america walmart store



New Delhi: America has once again been shaken by the crackle of bullets. A bloody game has been shown in the Walmart store located in Virginia, America, where a gunman fired indiscriminately and dead bodies were scattered on sight. It is being told that at least 10 people are feared dead in this incident of Walmart firing. This incident happened on Tuesday night. According to American police officials, the attacker has also been killed.

According to the US police, on Tuesday night at 10.12 minutes, the police received a report of firing inside Walmart. After this, the police immediately took action and reached the spot and handled the front. According to the police, at least ten people would have died in this shootout. However, the police did not present the exact figure of death.

Meanwhile, Walmart has issued an official statement on the incident and expressed grief. Walmart said it was shocked by the incident at its American store.

It is not yet clear whether the shooter committed suicide or was shot by the police. Police told that the attacker did not fire on the police. Let us inform that even before this, incidents of firing have been coming to the fore in America, in which people keep dying in open firing.

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