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Urine is coming every few minutes in winter, so be alert, this is a symptom of this disease

Urine and kidney infection: UTI infection is called urinary tract infection. This disease is seen more in women, but its cases also come in men.

Infection in urine can cause kidney disease

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UTI infection: Often people drink less water in cold weather, but if you are drinking less water, but still going to urinate frequently, then these are not good signs. People believe that frequent urination is happening due to lack of sweating, whereas the reason is something else. it in the body UTI infection begins, which gradually chronic kidney disease Can be made up to In such a situation, this problem related to urine should not be ignored.

Kidney infection also occurs due to UTI infection. Which can later become a serious kidney disease. In most of the cases, kidney disease starts with UTI infection only. In such a situation, it is necessary to prevent this infection. Let us know from the experts why UTI infection occurs and how it can be prevented.

Dr. Karma Sharma of the Department of Nephrology at Safdarjung Hospital explains that UTI infection is called urinary tract infection. This disease is seen more in women, but its cases also come in men. This disease occurs when bacteria infect the urinary tract. This disease is very common in winter. If it is not treated on time, then this infection can spoil the kidney completely. Along with this, it can also cause kidney failure.

what are the methods of protection

Dr. Sharma says that to prevent urinary tract infection, it is necessary to drink at least seven to eight glasses of water daily even in this season. Due to this the body will remain hydrated and the risk of urine infection is also less.

It is also important to take care of cleanliness. Keep your toilet clean and after urinating, clean the private part as well. Otherwise, dirty bacteria will enter the urine tract, which will lead to UTI infection.

If there is frequent urination, change in the color of urine, smell coming from urine, then it can also be a UTI infection. In such a situation consult doctors.

Some UTI patients get cured on their own, but if there is continuous problem related to urine then doctors should be consulted. It is cured through antibiotics.

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