Tunisha Sharma Suicide: Why do depressed and desperate people choose the path of suicide?

Tunisha Sharma Suicide: The latest NCRB report reveals that ‘marriage related problems’, especially ‘dowry related problems’ and ‘impotence/infertility’ are the major reasons for suicide among women.

Tunisha Sharma

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Sneha Kumari: Popular TV and Bollywood actress Tunisha Sharma on the sets of his show in Mumbai on Saturday suicide Did it According to several news reports, the actress, who plays the female lead Shehzadi Mariam in SAB TV’s serial ‘Ali Baba Dastan-e-Kabul’, took a break between scenes and did not come out of the make-up room while shooting in Mumbai’s Vasai on Saturday. . Reports suggest that she was found hanging in the make-up room of her co-star Sheezan Mohammed Khan, who is playing the lead role in the show.

According to the tweet of the news agency ANI, as soon as his body was found hanging, the people present on the set took him to the hospital but the doctors declared him brought dead.

Corona epidemic changed people’s lives

Dr. Rachna K Singh, Head of the Department of Holistic Medicine and Mental Wellness, told News9, “After the lockdown, people have become more aware of mental health, they have started taking care of their mental health along with their physical health.” He said that the pandemic has created a lot of difficulties in the lives of people, especially those earning their livelihood.

She says, ‘Many employees were fired during the lockdown. Therefore, the workload of the employees still working in the organization increased and they had little or no work-life balance left. The employees gave their 200 per cent just to make sure that their jobs are still there. Working hours were not fixed for fear of being fired. So we can say that this trend may have emerged because of this.

Depression and anxiety can increase the risk of suicide

The latest report of National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) has revealed the data of suicide victims on the basis of age and gender group. It states that the ratio of female to male suicide victims is 1:1 till the age of 18 and it increases to 1:5 at the age of 45-60. The ratio of men and women who committed suicide stood at 72.5:27.4 in 2021, which is higher than in 2020 (70.9:29.1).

Dr. Pramit Rastogi, child and adolescent psychiatrist and medical director at Steps Center for Mental Health, Gurugram, said that suicide should be considered as a situation of ‘complete despair’.

Depression and anxiety increased by 25 percent in the first year of the pandemic.

Cases of depression and anxiety increased by more than 25 percent in the first year of the pandemic.

– Senior Psychiatrist of Max Super Specialty Hospital, Saket said that there has been a spurt in cases of anxiety and depression, especially after the second wave of the pandemic.

Dr Sameer Malhotra, director and head of the Department of Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences at Max Saket, said, ‘I have seen many people coming in grieving, reporting symptoms of depression and anxiety after losing their family members. are giving. Last year we studied a sample size of 1,069 people and we found that more than half had significant symptoms of anxiety. About 27 per cent people said that they thought about harming themselves or committing suicide at least once.

Marital problems are the major reason for suicide among women

The latest NCRB report shows that the major reasons for suicide among women are ‘marriage related problems’, especially ‘dowry related problems’ and ‘impotence/infertility’. ‘Family problems’ (3,233), ‘love affair’ (1,495) and ‘illness’ (1,408) were the main reasons for suicide among children (under 18 years of age).

Meanwhile, an official said that the police on Sunday arrested a 27-year-old actor who worked with her from Palghar district of Maharashtra on charges of abetting actress Tunisha Sharma to commit suicide.

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