Try effective yoga to get rid of cervical pain

The problem of cervical pain is increasing due to long working hours in the same posture on computer or laptop and wrong lifestyle. Cervical pain causes pain in the back of the neck, back and head. Wrong posture of sleeping and sitting is also helpful in increasing the problem of cervical.

Sitting in the same posture for hours on a computer or laptop often leads to complaints of pain in the back of the neck and shoulders, which is called cervical pain, complaints of cervical pain are commonly seen in people of all ages. Talking on mobile for hours in the same posture can also cause cervical problems. Initially, this problem seems small, but if it is not treated on time, it can also take a dangerous form. The problem of cervical can be relieved by Yogasana.

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Practicing Balasana regularly can give you relief from cervical pain. For this, you sit in the posture of Vajrasana, then move both your hands upwards. Keep the hands straight in the direction of the head, stay in this posture for a while, keep the hands at an equal distance, now while exhaling bring the hands down, bring the hands to the ground. Touch the head to the ground. Now come back to normal position. Repeat this pose five to seven times.

Regular practice of Tadasana not only gives you relief from cervical pain, but it also helps in making your whole body active. In Tadasana, you first stand straight, now join both the ankles. Move both the hands up, join both the palms together in the posture of salutation, breathe and stretch the hands. Stay in this pose for a while, while exhaling, bring the hands down.

Bhujangasana is the most effective easy for cervical pain. For this, you lie down on your stomach, bring both the palms in line with your chest. Now lift the chest upwards with the help of the palms, keep in mind that all the weight should remain on the palms, take a deep breath and move the head backward, remain in this position for some time, now come back to the relaxation position while exhaling. . With Bhujangasan, you get relief from stress and the problem of double chin also goes away.

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In Margari Asana, your whole body is stretched. For Marjari posture, come on the feet and hands, move the head towards the chest and move the waist upwards. The body stretches with Margari posture and you feel relaxed.

In Dhanurasana, you get relief from cervical pain and it also gives relief to the cervical bones. In Dhanurasana, you lie down on your stomach, do not keep much distance between the legs, both hands should be towards the body. Bend the knees and bring them near your waist, holding both the ankles with the hands. Now take a breath and lift the chest above the ground and bring the heels in line with the head. In this asana, your body will be in the shape of a bow. Do not stretch the body too much, now come back to normal posture.

Makarasana i.e. crocodile-like posture, it will help you to get relief from cervical pain as well as tension problem. In Makarasana, first lie down on your stomach and keep both the elbows on the ground. Now keep your chin on both the hands, raise the head and shoulders. Make a normal distance between the two feet. Breathe and concentrate with closed eyes and leave the body loose. After some time open the eyes and repeat this posture.

Disclaimer: The tips in this article are for general information only. Do not consider these tips and information as advice from any doctor or medical professional. In case of symptoms of any disease, do consult a doctor.