Traveled 97 metro stations in 9 hours, became a unique record



Guinness World Records: Records are made to be broken…and there is no dearth of record breakers in this world. There are more than one people, who always think of doing something new. Now take this man from America. This gentleman made a new record by traveling to the maximum number of metro stations in a very short time. To break the Guinness World Record, a man visited all the metro stations in Washington DC in 8 hours 54 minutes.

According to the report, travel blogger Lucas Wall visited 97 metro stations on Wednesday to raise awareness about the second busiest rapid transit system in the US. Guinness World Records stated that Lucas took almost an hour longer than the previous record holder, Scott Bennett, with his time of less than 9 hours. Bennett completed his journey in December 2019 in 7 hours 59 minutes.

However, the metro network has since added six new stations which are open as recently as November 15, 2022 – and this makes it an entirely new record. ‘I started this WMATA Transit Race – also known as the DC Metro Challenge – to raise awareness of this long-awaited transit expansion in the National Capital Region and to beat the MAR Transit Racers,’ Lucas told WTTG-TV. Had to try.

Earlier this year, a transit-racing Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) employee broke the Guinness World Record for the fastest time to cover all metro stations in the national capital.

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