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Thyroid disease can affect the sex life of men, this is how to protect

Thyroid diseases: Thyroid hormone deficiency or out of control thyroid can cause many different problems. It can also affect the sex life of men.

Thyroid disease prevention tips: present in our body thyroid gland Makes many types of hormones. These hormones control many activities of the body. Excessive increase or decrease in thyroid level in the body thyroid disease It happens. Thyroid disease is very common in women. Women suffering from this have problems like rapid weight gain and loss, weakness and hair fall, but thyroid disease is also seen in men. This also affects the sex life of the men suffering from it.

Thyroid hormone deficiency or out of control thyroid causes many different problems. It can also affect the sex life of men. High levels of thyroid hormones affect the production of gonadotropin hormones, which affect sperm quality, abnormalities in sperm quality are associated with low levels of thyroid hormones or an overactive thyroid.

Senior Physician Dr. Ajay Kumar explains that the thyroid gland is responsible for the production of hormones that regulate metabolism and other bodily functions. The problem of hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism can cause the amount of semen in men and poor quality of sperm.

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Hypothyroid men more problem

Hypothyroid men (low thyroid levels) have also been shown to have low testosterone and low sperm count. Thyroid tests are also done while evaluating male infertility. If thyroid disease is found during this time, then it is an indication that the fertility of men is also being affected by this disease. High or low thyroid level can cause problems like sperm count and semen quality.

Decreased desire for sex

In men with hypothyroidism, there is a decrease in the desire for sex. However, these symptoms are also seen in patients with hyperthyroidism (increased thyroid). In such a situation, it is necessary for men that if the level of thyroid in their body is decreasing, then do not be negligent about it and consult doctors immediately.

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Take your medicines regularly if you have thyroid disease

exercise daily

set sleep and wake time

Get at least seven hours of sleep daily

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lose weight

Get thyroid test done from time to time

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