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This technology used in Avatar movie can identify incurable diseases, know what it is

Motion capture technology: Movement of a person is recorded with motion capture technology. Scientists have tracked the disease of patients with muscular dystrophy disease with the help of this technique.

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Avatar Movie motion capture suit: highest earner in the world incarnation Most people know about the film. Many techniques were used to bring this film on the screen. to the characters motion capture suit were worn. Motion capture technology was used to record the motion of the actors in the best possible way. Now these techniques are helping researchers to track diseases that affect a person’s movement. That is, with the help of this technology, many types of neurological disorders The disease of the patients can be easily tracked.

Motion capture technology records the movement of a person. There are many neurological diseases, in which there is an effect on the movement of the body in the beginning, but due to its non-recognition, the disease increases and the patient becomes a victim of them. Scientists say that the sooner neurological diseases are identified, the easier they can be treated. In their research, scientists have studied two genetic neuro disorders.

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Scientists used motion capture suits on patients with diseases such as muscular dystrophy disease and neurological disorders such as ataxia. With the help of this, the seriousness of the disease was known within a short time. In half the time that a doctor takes to track these diseases, this technique gave accurate information about the disease. Apart from these neuro disorders, other diseases like lungs, muscles, bone and many mental disorders can also be easily identified.

Scientists say that doctors usually take a long time to identify and treat neuro diseases, but with the help of motion capture, these diseases can be detected in half the time.

What is ataxia disease

Ataxia usually appears in adolescence and affects one in 50,000 people, while muscular dystrophy affects one in 20,000 children. Currently there is no cure for both these diseases. A team from Imperial College first trialled the motion sensor suit on patients with ataxia. He found that with the help of this suit and artificial intelligence, the disease can be identified in a short time. The researchers believe their system could be used to speed up and reduce the cost of clinical trials to test new drugs for a wide range of conditions.

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