This person’s prediction proved true, so will Elon Musk resign from Twitter and Tesla now?

Viral News: Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter, continues to be in the limelight. After mass retrenchment in the company, now they have also restored the Twitter account of former US President Donald Trump. Now the supporters and opponents of Trump have come face to face afresh. Meanwhile, let us tell you that even a tick-talker on social media is constantly in the news for its accurate predictions. In such a situation, there is now speculation that Musk may not have to resign from Twitter due to Trump’s affair.

This Tiktoker calls himself time travel. That is, he tells about the future. This person had told many months ago that Elon Musk is going to buy Twitter. After this, as soon as Musk took the command of Twitter in his hands, this person predicted again. The special thing is that whatever this person said is now proving to be true.

Trump’s prediction proved correct
Last week, the time traveler said in a post shared with his 12,000 followers, ‘To prove that I am a time traveler, I will tell you what will happen next with Elon Musk.’ This person said that now as soon as Musk has become the owner of Twitter, he will remove the ban on Donald Trump. And it happened right there.

predict resignation now
Time Traveler had said a week ago that as soon as Trump’s ban on Twitter is lifted, there will be an uproar in America. This Tik Toker says that many people will get angry with Elon Musk due to this decision. In such a situation, he will resign from the post of CEO in Tesla. At present, Musk has written on his Twitter profile that he is the Twitter Complaint Hotline operator.

This is how Trump’s entry happened
Musk conducted an online poll asking participants whether Trump should return to Twitter. 15,085,458 people expressed their opinion in this survey. About 51.8 percent people supported restoring Trump’s account, while 48.2 percent were against it. At the time when Trump’s account was restored, his followers were visible at one million, but within 30 minutes this number increased to 2.1 million. (with language input)

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