This disease is caused by drinking fluoridated water, this is how to prevent it

Side effects of fluoride in water: People in rural areas drink tap or well water. The amount of fluoride in this water remains more than necessary. Drinking which causes fluorescein disease.

Fluorosis can be caused by tap water

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fluorosis diseases: Uttar Pradesh In many villages of Agra, 1000 lives have become disabled due to drinking bad water. More than 10 thousand people are ill in the villages of Agra. in the water fluoride This has happened because of the high quantity of People have got bone diseases. In which there is a problem of bone curvature and pain in the whole body. Doctors tell that people living in areas where fluoride in drinking water is excessive fluorosis disease It happens. This is a very dangerous disease, which makes a person disabled.

People from rural areas are more at risk of getting this disease.Senior Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Akhilesh Kumar It is said that in rural areas, people drink tap or well water. The amount of fluoride in this water remains more than necessary. Drinking which causes fluorescein disease. This disease begins with yellowing of the teeth. Gradually this disease reaches the bones. Due to this, curvature of bones and weakness of muscles also starts, but it is a matter of concern that most of the people do not know this. In any disease caused by the bones, the rural people feel that it is a problem of arthritis and they keep on getting its treatment done, but proper treatment of the disease is not done.

Skeletal Fluorosis Test Reveals

Dr. Kumar explains that the disease of fluorosis can occur at any age. To check this, dental fluorosis and skeletal fluorosis are tested. Due to which this disease is known. To check for fluorosis, a test is also done by taking samples of water and food.

Sometimes it also happens that people keep drinking fluoridated water for years and they start showing symptoms of arthritis, but they do not know that this is happening because of the water. In such a situation, the amount of fluoride in the bones increases so much that the bone starts becoming crooked, due to which the person becomes disabled.

what are the methods of protection

According to Dr. Akhilesh, the risk of fluorosis disease is very high in areas where people drink water from hand pumps and wells. This is because these people are drinking water without treatment and filter. There is always a danger of high fluorescein content in such water. That’s why people especially in rural areas should take special care of their health.

If you are drinking water from tap or well, then boil it. Keep the amount of vitamin D in food high. Amla in diet. Include greens and green vegetables. If a person has a complaint of bone pain, do not consider it as arthritis, it can also be fluorosis disease. In such a situation, after consulting the doctors, get it tested. It is okay if this disease is detected in the beginning, otherwise the treatment becomes very difficult.

what is fluorosis

If there is more than one mg of fluoride per liter in drinking water, then continuous drinking of such water can lead to fluorosis. It begins with pain in the bones and yellowing of the teeth.

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